I’m currently re-ripping Dark Side of the Moon. I originally ripped it not actually paying attention, and now I have a severe case of disorientation upon the ending of Brain Damage. I hate that weird … fall off a curb feeling when a song is effectively cut off. So, I’m re-ripping and stitching the tracks together that need to be. I’ll be doing the same for Tool and a couple other albums I can’t seem to find at the moment. Anyone know where I put the 5th Element soundtrack? Can’t seem to find it on the cd shelf(s).

I really with freekin artists wouldn’t do that shit. That and the 5 minute song with the 16 minute track length so that they can have a “hidden song” at the fucking end. Just do the same thing Jack Off Jill, NIN, or Manson does and simply put a pile and a half of blank 1 second tracks in. Then, I’m not annoyed, and you’re not a fucking asshole. sigh

I’m mostly just irritated because the power keeps blinking. I love thunderstorms… I hate Progress Energy and the retard who did the wiring in our house. grrrr….

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