The rain in Spain

…is prolly much less annoying than it is here.

Here, this time of the year, a lot of our rain comes from various storms that have already trashed plenty of places before getting here, but it mainly only dumps water on us and makes our out-of-state families worry about us because we’re “in NC”… regardless of how many times we tell them Raleigh is a fair distance from Wilmington.

Mainly, tho… the problem is that it’s summer here now. So, on days when it’s hot and humid and there are dark clouds looming overhead… we are terrified. Now, people from other parts of the country may not get this. I mean, when it’s ikky out, and there’s gonna be rain… that means then that after that will be a nice cool period, that smells like fresh rain and has allergen-free air to breathe…

But NO. Not here. Here there’s only about a 30% chance of that happening. Here it rains and then it’s still hot and humid, except now even more humid as you watch the water re-evaporate (or try) from the ground. It’s just worse, and really annoying, because you were stupid and hoped for the above-described loveliness.

Today… was actually even worse. Because it rained, was all nasty afterwards, then suddenly cooled off a bunch (which was really nice, dammit), only to fucking heat back up to nastiness again. Fucking weather.

So… here’s hoping for a cool night… even though we won’t get it.

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