So, I finished the mowing and the majority of the weeding. I took a slew of pics, I kept the plants that were vining up the deck rails… but got rid of the ones coming up through the floor from below. I cleared out some of the “real” weeds from the wild area, and pulled out a bunch of groundcover. I’m bummed, really. The groundcover would be sooo cool in the area that won’t grow grass… but even tho I’ve seen shoots out that way, nothing ever seems to sprout up all cool like. Oh well.

While I was clearing out the weeds (and ferns, that I’ve kept and am gonna try to replant) around the air conditioners, I saw this little guy on the gas lead.
He was rather small… that pipe is like an inch in diameter… he was maybe 2 inches long. The big sized pic is awesome, since it really got a huge amount of detail. Me likey my new camera. Much easier to keep around with me than the mondo cybershot… which is really a cool camera, and people get out of your way when you’re taking pics with it, because they think you’re a pro or something… but isn’t awesome for little tasks necessarily.

So, I’ve mulched the trees, and I’ve seen a few things I’d like to buy and put in and crap, maybe this weekend. I’m all hot and sweaty because it was nearly 90 out, so I don’t feel like lifting tonite. I’m good so far for the week, my last time off was last weekend, and I might cardio later. I’ll lift tomorrow and prolly cardio sunday, and so I deem it “rest day” unless I feel otherwise inclined later. I prolly won’t, Benders is in town, (tho I don’t know if that means Mrs Benders) and so I’m heading out… no alcohol, little food, but the chillin will be aplenty.

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