I. am not. wiccan.

UGH. I just feel the fucking need to say it, because I need to make a hair appointment and last time I saw my stylist (when Otto got his cut) she again made the comment and crap… and I AM NOT WICCAN.

I know, I know… people think the tat has a significance level that it doesn’t… whatever. It annoys me and I’m getting it out of my system before I actually scream or something.

Now I have to get ready for the gym.

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  1. condorman Says:

    speaking of songs being stuck in your head, there’s a song by Lori Berkner (who can be found singing on Noggin - ask your neice or nephew about what is Noggin). The song is called “I’m not a Chicken.”

    Thanks - now I’ve got the refrain from “I’m not a chicken” in my head…

  2. Aoife Says:

    Ah…. sweet, sweet revenge…. heh

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