It’s a jungle out there

Our yard, while not meeting the expectations of our neighbors in terms of grass and crap, is actually really freekin neat. It’s really the only natural area left in the neighborhood. It’s relatively uncultivated, thoroughly wild, and very lush now. I have to clear a lot of stuff out and make it more “presentable” and crap… which is fine to an extent. I understand the problem with our lawn… hell… I’ve been fighting with the damn thing for 5 years and losing the battle. We’re getting a weed-killing soon, and it should pretty much make our lawn thoroughly unpresentable but relatively weed free. Then come fall we get another reseed, and maybe next year I’ll be moaning about having to mow grass, instead of weeds disguised as grass.

Still, though, a lot of what’s out there gets to stay. It’s not weeds, it’s actually various wild shrubs and trees and stuff. After 5 years of throwing pine cones in our treed area, we actually have a bunch of young pines growing, which fill in the lower sections nicely. When the builder cut down the area, the trees were all old and very tall, so there wasn’t much green. While the rest of our neighbors have been steadily cutting down trees “for fear of them falling on houses” (only once that I know of has this happened with any significant damage), we’ve been letting our wild area grow… and grow… and grow…

Admittedly, there are some undesirable plants in there, but on the whole it’s actually quite nice. I’m thinking that hopefully this year I’ll get it all under enough control as to ensure that next year there won’t be nearly so many undesirables. Then, maybe we’ll build a patio off the deck and actually like being outside (because slowly we’re making it so we can’t see our neighbors… without need of a fence).

This year should see some mulching, rocking, and general landscaping of a more concerted and organized nature, and hopefully in a year or two we’ll have a smashing fun yard that is waay better than the neighbors because it has taken hardly any effort.

The photoset

Anyone know what kind of monstronsity was growing in my bushes in front there? Or what kind of berries those are?

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  1. firestud2829 Says:

    I believe those berries are blackberries. It seems funny, considering that they are red in the pic, but when they ripen they will be anywhere from dark purple to black. If it turns out that they are blackberries, they are very edible…and tasty too.

  2. Aoife Says:

    I do like blackberries… but with my luck they’ll only look like them and I’ll die of poisoning when I try to eat them. Maybe I should test them on the cat, first. Or… better yet… the fucking yippy dogs nextdoor….

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