Men’s Health… a no-no

So, which do you suppose is actually going on? Is it that Men’s Health has sold email addys out? Or that someone got ahold of their address list? Because I’m pretty sure Otto and I didn’t sign up to receive spam from Men’s Health or their friends. And yet, this is the latest round of “companies spamming an address that I gave to only them” (to track, for just such an occurrence) and asked for “please no mailings” and that had (at least at the time) privacy notices about how they don’t sell addys or crap if you opt out or don’t opt in (which, of course, we would do).

So now we can add Men’s Health to the list of “Spammers or got hacked”… a list that already had BMG, American Airlines, and a few other places I’m not remembering off the top of my head. I really have a very strong dislike of Men’s Health now. Their rags suck, their internet site sucks, and now they’re spammers to boot. Fucking idiots.

Another addy destined for the kill file…

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