So… I’m kinda in one now… I guess. My last day off (from a workout perspective) was friday last. Today was the third training session this week, and I’ll be cardioing tonite. The closest thing to a break I’ve had this week is yoga wednesday… it was more Yin-type Yoga than usual, so stretches and poses were held for a while. Not as much a workout, but certainly not a perfect rest of nothing either. I might take this weekend off, but we also might go bike riding or something. I’m still thinking about the roller blades idea. We haven’t gotten any yet, other expenses have come up… but likely by end of summer (real summer, not “NC summer” which lasts until November) or so.

I am so tired, and generally hungry. I forgot how obnoxious cutting could be at times, and this likely explains why I’ve been so maintaining recently even when stepping up activity. There are times where I would get food, but I don’t have calories for it. I’d prolly been eating about 3-400 more than I am now, which is maintenance, so long as I was working out.

on the bright side…

eh… there is no bright side. I’m too pooped to look at the bright side. My pasty white ass screams out in protest and agony… :p

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