Birdies and Fishies and Kitties

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So, this reminds me of my goldfish I had when I was like 7/8. I just told Otto this story, and he all laughed at me and junk. Ass. He ain’t gettin none for a while… bastage! Fucking Dong!

Anyway, so I had a goldfish. And I needed to change his water. So, I grabbed an old butter/sherbet bowl, scooped him out of his bowl, and dropped him in the temp spot. That’s about when I realized I didn’t have any water in the bowl. So, being all worried about him, I ran to the sink and turned on the water, intent on filling the bowl. It was, of course, the left water handle…. hot. So, realizing that, I shut it off and turned on the cold.

Suffice it to say, after that I didn’t have a goldfish anymore. I think we might have given him a flushing funeral, I’m not sure tho. I only remember killing the poor sucker, not disposal of the corpse.

I’ve never had a fish (of my own) since. My mom had an aquarium a few times, both marine and fresh, which I had to take care of often, but I personally never actually owned another fish.

I thought about it just now… and maybe it’s just as well. I think an indoor plaything for Mousie might be too much for her little self to bear. She already does the cutest “come hither” purr when she sees birdies outside on the deck…. imagine an indoor fish or three.

hmmm…. speaking of birdies… I got a new camera today. Here’s a pic.

There was another around before this, and he was kinda hurt, a leg perhaps. I was all worried and sad and everything, but eventually he got to the point where he could fly again, so hopefully his hurt was more of a temporary thing than a permanent deal breaker.

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  1. kitmouse Says:

    We have a 55-gallon freshwater tank, with 7 fish and a plecko. Freeway (cat) sits on the barstool right next to the tank and “skates” his paws on the glass when the fish swim up to him. He likes fish food, too–it’s a treat. So we’ve taught him that when we say “FISH!” he should go jump up on the barstool because we’ll give him a flake or two.

    The scary part was when my husband spelled it out on his way out the door one morning (”I haven’t fed the f-i-s-h today, you’ll have to take care of that”) and Freeway rocketed past us, jumped up on his chair, and turned around expectantly. Since when can cats SPELL?

  2. Otto Says:

    I had a cat that knew sign language. My parents are deaf so it was what we used most of the time in the house. The cat knew it was food time when we signed food. What sucked was that the sign for eat/food is pretty much just putting your hand near your mouth. So there were times the cat got all in a huff because some random guest put their hand near their mouth and we didn’t feed her.

  3. Aoife Says:

    Mousie knows what t-u-n-a means. I spelled it out to Otto once, and she goes dashing into the kitchen, staring at the fridge. The demanding meow ofter a few seconds was funny indeed. Silly cat.

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