To buy, or not to buy…

So, thinking about getting a new camera. The one we have is awesome, but very big and bulky. It is great because it has all sorts of cool-assed features and settings and things like that… but, of course, 99.9% of the time we don’t use them. Usually we’re just taking snapshots of silly things or pics at parties (where everyone comments on the thing).

So, thinking about getting a smaller one, which has fewer features and options and crap, but still 5.1 mega-pixel and 3x optical zoom, and takes sd cards so we could fit waay more pics anyway. (plus prolly dialing back the size of the pics… I mean how often does one really take pics they want to blow up to poster size anyway?

But, of course, a part of me doesn’t want to. Not because I don’t want it or anything, but because it A) seems frivolous because we already have a camera that works perfectly swell; B) I’m always wanting other things and am constantly aware that when we buy one thing it means we’re choosing to not buy (or put off buying) something else.

Sometimes, I feel we shouldn’t get things we want, but only things we need and save up for some impending rainy day. I know often it’s silly, and that it’s just my past making me weird about money… but it’s hard to shake sometimes. Not to say I don’t enjoy things I have, because I do, but sometimes I think I think we should beat a thing we already have into the ground before getting another (like, my car, for instance). If something works and is sufficient, why bother with something new that isn’t any different/better/etc?

Of course, the camera is “better” in some ways, mainly that it’s far more portable than a 3 pound monster camera, and it would get used quite often, and people would stop making asinine comments at Tik’s Hallowe’en parties.

I, Aoife, have a very bad relationship with money. My relationship is laden with TONS of emotional baggage that it really shouldn’t. It’s only fucking money, not some damn holy relic that is precious and pure. Sure, it’s something to be smart with, but that doesn’t mean getting ulcers over dealing with it.

Someone dump a million dollars on me so I can learn to fully enjoy spending money without any associated lingering guilt. Post a comment here, I’ll tell you where to send the check.
Money suks.

(Dictionary suggestions for the name “Tik” (which is obviously spelled wrong :-P ):
“Ti” “Kit” “Tick” “Tike”)

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  1. kitmouse Says:

    I go round in circles, myself, with my husband about money. He is of the mind that if there’s a new version of something, or if he has something that would work just as well but it’s brand new, then he’ll go buy the new thing. It drives me NUTS. I’m personally of the opinion that if you have something that does just as well–even if it’s as old as the hills–then you make do.

    It’s especially frustrating because we come from similar backgrounds–both of us grew up without much extra, with parents who struggled to make ends meet. But I grew up saving money and making do with what I had, and learning not to want; he grew up indulging himself every time he had the chance, and refusing to worry about some coming struggle. Urgh.

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