Ambition, where art thou?

I just don’t have it in me today to do anything worthwhile. As always, there are things to do, both fun and not so fun… and yet I just don’t wanna. I will, prolly in a bit, get off my ass and get things done anyway, because by the time I get around to kvetching about something I’m half way to actually doing something about it.

I feel a distinct lack of… direction. I guess direction. I donno. I guess I have things I want to do and things I need to do but really… I feel a lack of structure about it all. Some days I feel motivated to do something about it and others I don’t. It’s sort of the half-assed lazy approach to organization. Hmm…

Maybe I’m just better at doing stuff in the afternoon.
I just feel like a very lazy bump on a log today.

Workout last night was… meh. I mean, I worked out, and it was ok, but I seriously need to get used to lifting again, as I’m gonna get my butt kicked when I go get a new routine. That’s the big area I’ve slacked in lately. Lifting.

My swim suit doesn’t fit (well, I can pull it on, but that don’t mean it fits…) and I don’t really relish the idea of shopping for another. I remember how demoralizing it was to get this one, and I was lighter and tighter then. Now I’m positive I won’t find anything I’ll be happy with because I’m not particularly happy about my body… and nothing reveals the body more than a swim suit. So I’ll get in some cardio today, maybe a bit more light lifting, and I’ll make sure I’m under 1700 calories. (I was directly even yesterday.) At least my food choices are better.

I got a new watch. It’s kinda blurry I guess, but the strap is thin brown leathers (maybe, maybe not leather, who cares) and the metal is copper (at least in colour, if not composition). I think it looks kinda funny on me, but I’m used to big, thick, chunky watches, so that might be why it seems weird… the difference.

I suppose I should get some work done.

I hear Fishey finished a tri (or was it a sprint-tri?)… sweet! I don’t think fishey reads this tho, so my props will go unnoticed.

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