Energy, Hunger, and Carbs

I’ve been having a huge issue lately with waning energy in the daytime and being rather hungry in the latter half of the day. I’m also eating about 1600-1900 calories it seems, so considering I haven’t ramped my activity up to really be requiring 1900, I should be ok. I’ve been not only keeping track of food for the last number of days, but also thinking about what I’ve been eating even before that. I’m realizing… I’m eating way too many carbs, and more importantly, not near enough protein. I’m not so much worried about macros for the sake of macros, so I haven’t been keeping track, but just looking over my food I’m seeing a distinct lack of protein.

When I do well on a cut, protein makes up about 20-25% of my diet. Carbs usually make up about 50-60%, and fat makes up the rest, usually with less than 10g of saturated fat a day. At least, this is how it was before.

By not paying attention to what I’m eating, I’m falling into the snacky trap. Being an herbivore, most of my meals are very carby, and it takes a bit of effort to ensure I get enough protein. Not that there aren’t protein sources for me to eat, hell, I’m not even vegan… Just that it requires me to consciously pick things to eat that have protein. Otherwise, I end up eating carbs all day.

Couple this with the fact that lately it hasn’t been “good” carb choices all the time, and we begin to see the problem.

I’m constantly crashing because I have nothing sustaining me long term.

Of course, I know better. But then again, we were watching a show last night (”The Craze”) and there were people who fell out of shape on there and even tho the chick knew that she needed cardio to lose fat, she still was somewhat disappointed that her 10 min/day “toning” workout wasn’t losing her the mega-ass she’d built up over the years. *rolleyes*

So, while it’s ok to have shredded wheat for breakfast, I really should follow my own advice and add some protein in there. A couple veggie sausages and eggs totaling 300 calories keeps me going much better than 400 calories of cereal and milk. Lately, all my meals have been like that. Protein comes in much later in the evening, and that’s when I’m awake and able to function without dozing off.

Frankly, right now it’s all I can do to stay awake. And while before I thought I was doing ok, if I really think about it, I wasn’t. Wanting to save money kept me from getting the items that are a much better source of protein for me, leaving me with meals consisting of cereal, minibagels, pasta (with nothing else) and suches.

So, now I’m sitting here feeling like a very tired idiot because I didn’t see a situation staring me right in the friggin face.
Lunch will be some veggie dogs. Hopefully I’ll start feeling better after that.

I really need to start paying more attention. I’m looking to get rid of about 10 pounds by mid-august, hopefully most of that by the end of july. Today being the first day of the month is as good as any to actually start cutting. Calories will be reduced to 1500-1700 for the moment, activity is stepped up already, and generally I’m getting my ass moving in the right direction again. Once I get used to the dip calories should hover around the 1500 mark, that’s where I tend to see the best results.

You would not believe the number of typos in this… I’m so tired…

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