Morning cardio

Not a fan, not really. But, I can handle it in small amounts, using it as a way to help wake up.
Well… it doesn’t really work that way, but I tell myself that. Really it just makes me even more tired, but my heart rate usually gets into the 150’s, so maybe a lower heartrate would me more “energizing” and less tiring. Short stints. I’m not looking for burn, I’m looking to wake my body up. So, usually 10-15 minutes, just to work the kinks out and get the heartrate up. I did it first thing, so that helps me limit my time. Since I have no food in belly, going for much more than 15 minutes leads to wooziness due to lack of food in the system.

I neither enjoy or dislike it really. It’s just one of those things I said I’d do so I did it. It’s something, and something is better than nothing, and so there we go.

Tonite is yoga. I need to remember to check and see if Cat wants to come along. Thursday is express room, and friday I’ll prolly get in another lift. Will prolly get in some cardio after express room tomorrow if the gym isn’t too busy.

I need a fun GBA game to play while on the recumbent. Know of any? Something that isn’t too thought provoking nor too minigame-esque, nor too “1985 arcade-y.” The rpgs I have are a little too boring, mario cart and such is a little too … minigame-esque I guess. Basically, it ain’t gonna hold my attention for an hour. The namco pack is just not doing it. Really, seriously, while it’s fun to play Gallaga every once in a while, I can’t do it as a distraction for a 45 minute session. Something like SSX would prolly be perfect, or maybe Mario Golf. sigh

Anywho… I am now very tired. I think I’ll top off my cardio with a nice nap. :-P

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