Keeping track

The funny thing about keeping track of your eating is something I think only people who do it (or have done it) know about. By having to write it down, own up to what you shove into your pie hole, you automatically eat better. I mean, who wants to look at a food log and see “six snickers, 3 twinkies, vial of crack?” Even if you’re in the stage of just “seeing what you eat” you still automatically eat a bit better.

So I went back to keeping a food log. Nothing fancy, just a note book in the kitchen. What, how much, calories. That’s it. Much as keeping track another way appealed to me, often I wouldn’t do it because Excel is annoying and I don’t always want it running just because I decided to have a popsicle or a handful of nuts.

So as it stands I have a simple small notebook, nothing fancy but not fugly, in which to write the day’s weight, bf according to the scale, waist measurement, food intake, and whether or not I worked out. Just a simple log, to get me back on track for a longer span of time than 3 days.

Having been laid up by the whole teeth extraction thing, my eating had gone from bad to bad with no guilt. While honestly I am completely sick of icecream, pudding, yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc… my main issue was that I was hungry and had no reason to care about what I ate… so long as it was chewable.

So, getting back on track when I’ve not been super good to begin with was kinda… meh. Hence the log. And, I immediately am doing better. I am forced to weigh my food, in order to be able to count it. Which means that I’m not just sitting there with no idea of how much crap I’m eating. While I was probably overall maintaining, I am maintaining a weight I don’t want to be maintaining.

Since everything tends to go together for me, getting a handle on my eating makes it easier to get a handle on my workouts and verse visa.

Anyway, I’m just saying that if you’re having a tough time of getting a handle of what/how much food you’re shoving into your pie hole these days… go grab yourself a notebook and pencil and start keeping track. Even if you don’t expose yourself to others for scrutiny, at least fess up to yourself. I guarantee if you have to put “2 tubs of Ben and Jerry’s” in a log, you won’t have to.

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