Reasons I shouldn’t have a Webcam

I give you exhibit A:

codebase=""> autoplay="false" controller="true"

See? It’s just not something the world should have to be exposed to. :-P

(You may be asking yourself why I bothered then. Frankly, because I know Otto will find it amusing.)

I also wonder who the hell got to my site by searching “fuck that bitch aoife.”
Because that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard (read) all damn day.
Granted, it’s something in Ireland, so not me… but still funny as hell.

Anyone wanna do a count of how many times the words “fuck” and “bitch” occur in this blog?

2 Responses to “Reasons I shouldn’t have a Webcam”

  1. Aoife Says:

    Nope! As you can see, Otto, removing the line breaks didn’t make the autoplay stop. I tried a couple other things that didn’t work either so…. *shrug*

  2. Otto Says:

    The br tags are back, even though they’re not in the original. I think Wordpress is being somewhat dumb and putting in br’s at the end of the line in the text area.

    Also, you can control-click on the window and do “Plugin Prefercnes…” and turn off auto-play by default. Not that it helps anyone else, but it does mean you don’t have to listen to yourself every time you load your own blog.

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