Nine Inch Tool

mmm… two great tastes that sound dirty together. ;-)

Ah… Closer.
The first song I ever heard with a “naughty” word in it. We lived in Rochester, so up by the lake you could get in Toronto stations… and apparently Canada was less uptight about the corruptibility of the F-Word on society’s youth. At the time most of the music I regularly listened to didn’t even have “explicit” versions… So I remember the first time I heard it I actually thought I must have been hearing things.

All these years, and that song is still hot.

Despite the whining in parts of the interweb about how Tool’s latest isn’t all that various people were salivating for, I personally like it. But then, part of the reason I like Tool is for the sheer experimentation value. It’s art, not just regular music like everyone else. I like the regular stuff too, a lot. But, yeah, this is a good album. Not super-lyrical the way Lateralus was, which is why I like Lateralus, but it is still good.

So it’s an afternoon of Tool, NIN, Mario golf, pain killers, and salt and vinegar pringles. If only I had pepsi… it’d be perfect.
(It’s already perfect for Mousie, I dropped a huge clump of tuna on the kitchen floor, and now she’s rolling in the ‘Nip.)

I’ll prolly watch the DVDs in a bit, when I finish the albums.

Anyone know how long before your frekkin jaw stops hurting after having a few teeth ripped out? I’m ready to be over this now, but I think I’ll be getting a refill of the meds. Only one left, and it gets pretty bad after about 10 hours of nothing.

I don’t think Otto has blog-bragged yet, but he got his MBP. I’ll prolly wait till CS3 comes out before really bothering with a macBook. It’s just that this works fine, and at the moment I really don’t need more. I will want CS3, and getting CS2 is kinda silly. I was thinking of getting the Macromedia and CS bundle thingie… you know, when I have oodles of cash lying around with nothing better to do then shuv it up my bum.

But that’s thinkin for another day. Right now… there’s golf and NIN and Tool. **Happy Smile**

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