Dark Side of the Moon

I need to re-rip that. None of the songs are linked, and a bunch of them need to be. It’s terribly disconcerting to listen to Brain Damage or Us and Them and have it cut off abruptly and switch to something else before “finishing” the song.

I’m going in to see the doc today, I think my toenail is in danger of no longer being my toenail. *pout* Soccer sucks.

I have this constant headache now. It gets better with meds but doesn’t go away. I’m thinking of switching to the vicoprofen or whatever it is, but I’m worried it might mess with me more than I can handle and make me unfunctional. I need to drive and do crap, so… sigh How long does this crap go on before I feel better? I need to work out. I need to not be somewhere between tired and restless. I need to eat solid food.

I’m cleaning out some of the crap on my machine. Old avatar pics, (gobs of them, apparently), last semester’s school crap, podcasts I don’t like but keep thinking they’ll get better because it *sounds* cool… you get the idea.

I had something I was going to talk about….

Oh well.
Chalk it up to another Aoife Moment. ™

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