Sandvox and Design

I’m working on a new design kit for Otto for sandvox. So far all I’ve meddled with is colours. I’m about to start adding more crap, but at the moment I’m not entirely sure what. A couple images for sure, nothing about quartz composer at the moment, and blah. I think I might need to just grab a pencil and keep some notes or something.

My face hurts. I may have to switch pain meds to something that is a bit stronger. I’m not sleeping well because I don’t get any activity in during the day because I can’t. I’m constantly hungry because everything I eat is not terribly substantial. Otto is getting sick, so I don’t get to be all pampered and crap while I feel all ouchie and junk. I swear it’s not fair that every time I don’t feel good neither does anyone else.

I’m gonna try for a walk or something today, otherwise I’m never getting to sleep tonite. Laundry needs doing.

To top it all off, it’s not like all the “yummy” sick food I get to eat (soft, no chewing, mainly consisting of all things pudding-like) isn’t all that great because the mouth rinse I have to use has this wonderful side effect of killing my sense of taste.

To top it all off, KFC is crap. I don’t know if it’s just the way it always was and now that I’m older I know better, or if they really did just dive-bomb into sheer craptitude. Never have I had such dry-assed box-mix assortment. Well, except maybe for the last time we went there.

I got corn, fresh corn on the cob, the day before my surgery. I had planned to eat it then. Didn’t. Now it just sits there mocking me… looking all tasty and potentially filling…

This sucks.

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