Two less teeth

Not that I was really using them anyway.
I’m sleepy, not allowed to drive today because of sedation.
I’m getting hungry. Which is good, Otto will be home soon and potatoes sound pretty tasty right about now.
My battery is low.

I’m fully with it and all, but still feel a bit disconnected. Pain hasn’t set in yet, and I get to take more meds in about 1/2 an hour. They finished at about 1030 and I really can’t remember most of it. Shortly after the IV was inserted and he warned that they may be a bit of stinging I kinda zoned. I did come around a couple of times sort of, but not really, and it was very brief. I remember some voices but that’s about it. Which is good, because I really wasn’t looking forward to the sensation of having my teeth yanked out, pain or no. It kinda hurts a smidge, but not really. I have a stitch in the lower jaw.

I’m fairly sick of the gauze.
I called to ask when I don’t need to use it anymore, and there was no answer. Either they’re gone for the day or I something. I tried at about 230. Oh well.

I’m sleepy. My power is low.

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