I’m finally getting around to changing things.

I now have something up at as well. At the moment, the only working link is to my portfolio, and it’s not the best of portfolios yet, but I’m working on it. There’s something up, which was what was important to me. There will be a new blog devoted solely to my work and art, and will lack a certain amount of… “true Aoife personality” (read, lack of foul language and naughty references). The gallery will eventually point to a new gallery containing photos meant to show of my artistic/photography skills, and therefore will lack anything like what is in my current gallery. Right now it is eerily similar to the old site, because it’s just a slight change up of the same stuff. At the moment it is simply images and html generated by Illustrator, but eventually it will be “real” site with css and everything… I’m making the design template in sandvox and such, but that won’t go up till it’s 100% finished.

The new site is now a fluctuating presentation of design ideas made from (at the moment, at least) sandvox. It’s all nice and css-y and will change and grow and change as I learn and design stuff. It’s the beginning of what will eventually become a bunch of design templates I’ll be using for all my sites and Otto’s as well. I’m doing it this way rather than wait till it’s “all done” so that others can see and comment if they so desire, and because I’m kinda weird that way. (If one does decide they feel compelled to comment, the best way at the moment is prolly the “contact me” link here, since at the moment sandvox’s “contact page” is not what we plan on using.) The .org site will contain much of the crap it used to and include some new crap as well. It will contain a less professional but potentially more funner portfolio, this blog, the regular gallery with plenty of pictures taken by a character we’ll call “drunk Aoife,” and whatever other foolishness I feel like putting up.

This is fun so far, let’s hope it continues to be so in a week or three. I’m learning the whole css thing (I get the idea, but you know… that ain’t sayin much) and hoping to eventually get some pretty rockin designs done.

Back to it then. :-D

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