Finished, not perfectly happy

I took a few pics, with and without flash, in the more direct light and not… The problem is that since I had a hard time (read: many, many coats) covering what was originally on the (originally non-primed) linen, I now have reflective shine on the areas that are many coats thick. So, while it looks good in person (mostly), photographing it is kinda a pain in the ass. Not to mention I need to learn to take better photos of my work anyway…

So, the gist is that in the beginning when I had the first coat down, it was beautiful. The colours were perfect, it just *worked*. Then, I had to futz with it to stop the bleed-through, and now I have this.

While I’m happy with the end result given the trials and all, I would have much preferred to have not had issue with the original mess to begin with. I’ll let that be a future lesson to me. Like tats, most coverup jobs are best done with large areas of BLACK.

I think next I’ll make another to go with… in cool tones. Should set each other off nicely when paired diptych-style.

Now that I have a decent idea on how the sites will be set up, I’ll be doing that in the next few weeks. Hopefully before my summer class starts I’ll be able to have all that up and running. Pretty sweet, hopefully.

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