Good girl

I actually did my workout today. Granted, it was at home and something I pulled together myself to hit all the major upper-body stuff… but I did it… no slack, no going easy, nuthin bad to say. I’m sure I’ll feel it later, but for now I’m pretty ok.

Interesting (to me) tidbits:
I can shoulder press 15 for 15 reps a couple (almost) times. This is a fairly decent improvement, iirc.
Holding supermen for 20 seconds sucks ass.
Our cable device thingie (um… lat tower) sucks ass for most lifts. It’s ok for a pulldown, but it sucks for a row.

All in all, it was a decent workout, and I’ve even been a good eater today. (Course, there’s no longer any junk in the house, so that’s not saying much.)

I have my teeth out friday, so I’m trying to get in as much working out (within reason, of course) as I can, since I’ll prolly be laid up for a few days after, esp if the last time was any indication.

Soccer tonite, and another game on wednesday. I’m not sure if I’ll play next season yet, although of course either way I’ll be available for subbing if low on players. I just don’t like getting hurt, and, unlike Otto, my ouchies are caused by other people, so It’s not like I can take some time off to strengthen myself. I mean, I could, I suppose, and come back and bite the ear offa anyone who tries to fuck with me or kick a ball point blank into my fucking face, but that’s a little bit overkill for a recreational sport I don’t even really like that much.

I don’t. I just play because it’s available and a workout. I don’t mind trying and crap, I don’t mind sucking, in a park among friends it might be fun, but on the whole I don’t really like the game. Better than NFL, I suppose.

More chores to do, and some painting. This is done.

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