I think the print turned out fairly well. It was a linoprint, but with screen-printing ink, because I couldn’t find (cheap) block printing ink. Which, unfortunately, didn’t work out perfect. Still ok, but there were some issues. It was an edition of 10, and the best one is here.

I’m working on original stuff now, but this was good enough for a graded project. It won’t be going into my portfolio, because I’d much prefer everything in my portfolio to be totally original, or at least only slightly guided by someone else.

I’m also done with the advert I’m doing for NBaxter Design. Just waiting for final approval. Working to get my house back to an orderly state before I dive back into work.

It occurs to me I hadn’t posted my Drama final project.

It wasn’t all that tough or anything, kinda standard. However, now I’m being kept in mind for if my (now former) instructor needs publicity stuff done. So, kinda sweet that.

Clean, clean, clean….

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