Jibber-Jabber and Mush

That’s what one could call my last paper. My brain has simply melted, and where normally I can pull something decent out of my ass, this time I’ve failed. miserably. Mechanically speaking it’s prolly ok. Content-wise, it’s a pile of steaming crap. Sources, well I only have 1 of 3 secondary needed, but I have assloads of primary, so that wouldn’t be so bad. All in all, I don’t expect lower than a C, and with a 100 average so far it won’t lower my grade dramatically, even if it is 15% of my grade. It’s not a zero, it’s prolly not even an F, likely not a D, so I’m still ok. Tired, and my mind is gone, but ok.

I have carving to do. I like it. It’s mindless and fun and takes no brain power, just time and enough attention to not fuck up and carve away the wrong spot. And minor mistakes wouldn’t kill me.
What am I carving? Imagine this highly contrasted to be black and white… and then a print. Sure, it’s a copyrighted image, but it’s only for a school project and I won’t be publicizing it, so I’m not terribly worried.

I am planning, however, on making a set of tarot cards… at least the major arcana. That, however, will take a bit. I have a few other prints I’m working on, but at the moment I’m trying to survive the next few days.

For anyone counting…

Drama Final tomorrow. (should be ok)
Math Final tomorrow nite. (I’m prolly not gonna do all that great, I need to get above a 68 to replace my lowest test score. I’m about to figure what I need to get to make a B still. I don’t think an A is possible without divine intervention. And since that ain’t happening….)
Art Project due. Print. That should be just fine. Tho I have to get some ink… I forgot.
Test in English wednesday. Drama/Hamlet. (should be pretty ok. I anticipate an A, but there’s the chance of a B only worth 10% tho total)

That’s it. Wednesday spells the end for me.

I think Drama should be an A. Might be a high B, as I’m not positive how stuff calculates out, but I think A is likely.
I’m guessing art will wind up a B. Not sure why, my first couple projects were high Bs, one was A, but I’m thinking my last was prolly kinda crap. Since I figure a B is better than last semester’s grade, (sculpture, C)… I’m happy with a B. A is possible, and I’d be thrilled, but I don’t think it’ll be the case.
English should be an A unless I totally fubar’d the paper. Nothing lower than a B tho, I don’t think lower than a B is possible at the moment.
I hope math is a B. Let’s go see what it takes on the final…

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