no cardio this am

I was planning on getting in some cardio before going to the dentist. However, I’m feeling really blah from last night, so I don’t think I will. I’ll cardio this afternoon after class.


Last night anyone who could possibly play goal and not suck was unable to play, so I volunteered to play goal. I suck.
Of course, I know I suck, but I tried. I could prolly be decent in time, but first time out it was kinda rough.

How, you ask?
Ah, within the first couple minutes ‘tard on the other team rammed me. Like, obviously there was noone in front of him in the goal box. Or, maybe he was hoping a 5′3″ girl could break his fall, because if I wasn’t there, he would have been eating astroturf. Oc course, if I wasn’t there, he prolly wouldn’t have been heading into the goal at ramming speed. Some hard part of him — shoulder, collar, arm — something pretty smartly bashed my nose. Took a bit to get over. Now… headache, hurts to touch, itch, move, blow… not swollen, using ice anyway.

So ‘tard at soccer last night is keeping me from working out this morning.

Fucking lovely.

Was looking forward to it, and that’s kinda rare.


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