Alien Abduction

I was abducted by aliens. Put into a chair. Had weird contraptions stuck into my mouth by a creature with two heads and four hands. Apparently, the creature saw that I had a small mouth, but figured it could get four hands in there anyway. Stupid alien. Then it poked me with pointy things and my mouth got really numb. I remember grinding, and occasionally the Stupid Alien ™ asked me questions it apparently expected me to answer with a tent and four hands and a drill and a tube and a water faucet in my mouth. Then it charged me money for the abduction and told me I needed to be abducted again in a bit to finish the job.

I got started with two root canals today. Apparently, the fillings that fell out were in teeth that the decay had gotten to the nerves, so they need full blown demo and reconstruction. Great.

On top of it all, apparently my lip got in the way, moved something, which knocked the drill which then brushed up against the lip. Perfect.

I don’t really blame the Stupid Aliens ™ as it wasn’t really their fault, I mostly hate my genetics, and the fact that I’m not fucking rich yet.

My cat is sniffing my pants quite intently.

2 Responses to “Alien Abduction”

  1. Jacko Says:

    why the hell do dentists expect an answer when they ask you questions - they numb your face and stick their hands in your mouth and expect you to talk - then they have the nerve to get angry when you bite them !

  2. Aoife Says:

    Truth be told, I have a decent dentist, which is pretty amazing to me.

    However, it’s a little frustrating to be trying to answer the question of “how are ya doing” with “I can’t breathe, my nose is stuffed and the bite thingie you gave me keeps falling and blocking my airway” and have him chuckle and tell me he can’t understand me.


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