Ah, the mighty spammers are back

Would you like to see the remarks on the comments (minus links, about 5 each) that shall be modded bye-bye?

Here, let us laugh together:
“Hello admin, nice site you have!”
“So interesting site, thanks!”
“Your site is very cognitive. I think you will have good future.:)” (my personal fave)
“Just whant to say HI! I love this place!” (whant?)
“Just found your home page its great, it looks like you folks do great service keep up the good work.” (wonder what service I do…)
“Hi i really like your site, i place a link on my web-site, continue like that.” (continue like what?)

What is phentermine anyway?

I like how they post to old posts… I wonder if there is a method to their madness. Like… do they think it’s that I won’t notice them to delete? (only “monika”, who called me “admin” in her comment, made it to past moderation.) Did they do some search to see what popped up and then post to that hoping others would do the same? (check that Otto, any search terms like TAP Phase 2 or 3 lately?) Are they really all from gmail? I’m pretty sure they’re all the same person, their IPs were all the same (or very eerily similar)…

That’s the problem with web mail, eventually spammers get accounts, and gmail gives you a googolplex worth of invites to use….

Now back to your regularly scheduled program… I have math homework to do myself….

2 Responses to “Ah, the mighty spammers are back”

  1. otto Says:

    “wonder what service I do…”

    Not what, who. ;)

    No search terms, but that doesn’t mean anything… today’s stats aren’t generated until tomorrow morning.

  2. Aoife Says:

    A few more, too. I’ll have to get back to stricting up the rules.

    They all have gmail “addresses”, which totally sucks ass.

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