I donno… nothing really.
Just… not doing what I should, or anything really.

The next couple weeks will be hectic.

I took on a job, have to figure out what I should charge… since the majority of my graphic design work has been for assignments and all of it for free. Won’t take much to do, but it has kinda kept me awake somewhat for reasons I don’t really get. Maybe it’s just that it’s something looming over my head that even though I’m certain I can pull off (it’s a really simple design), there’s always that niggling little voice…

I have studying for tests to do, papers to write, projects to finish, and I didn’t get metal cutters yet so I haven’t been working on my art sculpture the way I should have.


I’ve been slacking. Seriously.

Although I’ve gotten an inspection for the acura and my license renewed, I still have to do taxes. I hate the IRS. (yeah, me and 400 million other people in this country…) Maybe we’ll just file for an extension like everyone else I’ve talked to.

I’m hungry.

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