mini vaca

I have tomorrow and friday off. It’s one of those teachers have to work and students get off, and we’ll call it Easter break things. I’m not a big fan of holidays… but monday peeps go on sale. Can’t stand eating the little fuckers, but I’m gonna have loads of fun fucking with them. :-D

Of course, I was fine before, and now the sleepiness has hit. Which sucks because I’m leaving for yoga in about an hour (just under) and I really want to make it this week as I didn’t the last 2. I’m thinking of taking a shower, but that always makes me super sleepy, so I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I’m covered in sunscreen tho, so I should.

Got burned a bit monday. Sat in my car doing homework, didn’t think about sunscreen. Now I have an annoying line where my watch is. And, worse, I’m not all pale and junk anymore, I’m pinkish on one arm. Tres annoying.

I think I’ll take a pair of shoes I got back. I kinda like them… but…. eh.

I grabbed some mondo huge stretcher bars (48″ and 50″) so that I can start work on a couple bigger pieces. I’ll try on a smaller frame I have first… see how the linen works out for painting. I’m hoping I’ll like it better than the canvas. Canvas is not cheap. Linen is. You see where I’m going with this.

Hopefully I’ll also be able to get up some new things on my site this weekend, although a lot of time needs to be put in on my art project for class, papers, and drama/math projects. 3 weeks left.

Since I’m thinking of it… what I have left to do this semester:
Math project
Math test
Math final
Math oral presentation (of project above)
(assorted Math quizzes and homeworks as well)
Engrish paper 2 (poetry, Wordsworth poem)
Engrish paper 3 (hamlet paper)
Engrish test 2
Engrish test 3
Engrish oral presentation (poem and explanation)
Assorted other engrish homeworks, quizzes, studyguides, etc… about 7ish total
art project that I’m working on now (metal sculpture)
art project that will be next (no idea what that is)
Drama final project and presentation
Drama final
Assorted Drama homework and readings and quizzes

So… meh
I’m not really looking forward to doing everything, but I am looking forward to having everything done.

Of course, come May, I’ll be able to work out during the day (at the gym) and take more classes if I want. I’ll have time to make my peeps movie, maybe a sockeys movie, and do my sidewalk art project. I’ll be able to play video games guilt free, and I’ll be able to get in reading that isn’t somehow required of me (I have 2 Eddings books awaiting me, as well as a few plays I’ve been meaning to read). I’ll be able to get my site (all three of them) in order, take new pics, work on more pieces, and maybe even sell one or two at one of the festivals around, maybe. I’ll be able to paint over the fireplace, (it’ll be super-trippy, promise) and maybe just generally touch up around the house. I’ll get in some decent yard work, lay down some mulch and make the neighbors hate me/us less. We’ll see about the painting class. Much as I’d like to take it, I’m not sure how much it will end up being and such. Besides, it may not be finished before we go to Chicago. And it’s 4 hours a day, 4 days a week… so we’ll see how bored I am 1/2 way through summer and how many more electives I need.

All in all, I’m just biding my time till I have more time to waste.

Ok, time to get offa my ass and get ready for yoga. Or take a nap. One or the other…

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