Sometimes, mornings aren’t nice and peaceful and quiet spent in the studio with a cup of tea and a paintbrush in hand, but they’re still pretty swell.

I got a surprise yesterday, and I’m fairly annoyed (not really) I didn’t see it coming. Otto, you’re really sweet.

The play was good. It was three hours, which I wasn’t expecting (didn’t eat before-hand really) but it was still very well done and funny as hell. Very good job. The critique will have to be written this weekend, so I’ll start that today, but it was certainly better a choice for me (the play) than some of the other plays in the area.

We went to the alehouse afterward, because there’s very few places in this overly stuffy town to eat late at night (11p). Sandy came out to eat with us, so I got to spend my birthday with family, which was nice. Had a couple weak-assed grasshoppers, but that’s ok. They were tasty if overly milky and served with the ice (supposed to be strained).

All in all, a nice, fun evening.

My mom sent cash, cuz she’s a ‘tard, and that has gone into the tattoo fund. So now that there is a decent amount of money in there I need to decide if I want to get one of the small ones now or wait and keep working on (and saving for) the back piece. hmm…

I should have taken my makeup off last night, it’s seriously causing some unpleasant burning eye-wise.

There’s a Ren Faire this weekend, I’ll prolly drag Sandy and Otto out sunday, assuming weather isn’t a pain. Saturday is supposed to storm, but sunday looks clear at the moment (is a bit cool).

I need to take some benedryl. Last night was fun, tho. :-)

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