How, exactly, is 30 supposed to be a milestone?

I mean, really. I don’t get what to fear, what to worry about, what is so darn significant other than it’s a nice, round multiple of 10. It’s not the birth of a child, not menopause, not drinking age, not graduation, not marriage… hell, marriage wasn’t all that significant except the tax return. It’s just another day, another year. I’m not too old for anything, I’ve never had to worry about the draft, I don’t smoke… I don’t really see what’s so significant about 30.

It’s my birthday. I’m going to see a play. I’ll prolly slack off a bunch but I still had to have a paper done to hand in today and I have a quiz in drama on The Glass Menagerie. I have homework due tomorrow that means I’ll at least be doing a bit of homework tonite.

There will be no cake, no candles (thankfully, that damned happybirthday candle I keep forcing on Otto and Sandy is gone), and nothing really important about today. The play is because I need to go to a play to write a report about it for tuesday. So, nothing terribly important about that either.

My dad would prolly appreciate a phone call, I guess I might do that. Prolly not tho. I donno if you’ve noticed, but I’m not really much of a giver. The whole birthday thing just gives me an excuse to be a selfish bitch.

I’ll prolly do yoga when I get home, maybe I’ll stop and take a look at shoes somewhere, I could use a cute pair of strappy blacks or something. Course, my toe is still killing me from last game, I hate soccer. My back isn’t stiff anymore tho, so I guess that’s good.

When I was a kid, birthdays were kinda awesome. Only child for some time, only grandchild for a bit, generally liked and popular at school, and a birthday that often fell on easter break. What’s not to love?

I’m just… I donno… birthdays don’t mean much to me, I guess. I’d think it was like that for everyone, but people make such a big deal about it that I guess not. hmm.

I will prolly get in something of a workout, and I will definitely paint. I’m in the middle of a piece for Kit and I could prolly get it finished today if I put some time into it.

Did I mention my email was working again? Prolly not.
We’re changing hosting providers. Dreamhost, as opposed to the P.O.S. we have now that is csoft. One of the nice things, we won’t get constantly overcharged and have odd 20-30 cent additional charges go through on our account. I have no idea what the fuck that has been about, but I’m pretty sure there’s not a good reason for it. Call me a suspicious bitch, but that’s the way I see it.

So, that means at some point the stuff will get moved and hopefully be seamless, but one never knows. I’ll prolly take my site down and redo it like I had originally planned, with css and all that fun junk. I also registered a new domain, since we got one free with signup. I have no idea what the hell will be, but I’m sure I’ll eventually come up with something retarded enough to put up on the interweb.

I could also do webcam stuff if I wanted, but then there’s that whole “shouldn’t do that because live shit can’t be taken away” kind of thing. I’d be bound to do something stupid or something someone found offensive. Hell, people bitch (in a roundabout, backhanded, “I lack the balls to come out and say something” kind of way) about things I do that’s offensive when I’m not even doing or saying or talking about what they think I am.

Do I have a lisp?
I asked Otto, he said no. But then I did something thilly and he said that apparently I do.
Anyway, I didn’t think so, there’s not really a reason for me to, but whenever I hear myself recorded (pretty much all my life even) there’s always seemed to be a lithp. So I was wondering. My cell message kinda sounds lithpy even. hmm…

I’ve been pretty decent, weighing myself regularly (except this morning, of course) and I’ve found that so far I’m just hovering in a 3 point range and that’s it. So, apparently, this whole bullshit sucks ass and I’m sick of it. Oh well.

Did I mention the really annoying dude dropped Drama? Yup! It’s like awesome.

I’m bored. I have like 5 minutes to waste, and I think I’m gonna spend them elsewhere. There’s just nothing to do here, and I’m fairly charged up. so……

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  1. kitmouse Says:

    Hippo birdies two ewes! Hope it was the merriest, in merry ways…

    Ah, whatever. Yeah, I was THRILLED to be turning 30, for the specific reason that it meant I had made it out of my 20s alive. Everyone kept saying, “Oh, I’m sorry,” when they heard I was turning 30, and I was very confused. What’s so bad about 30?? Or 40, or 50, or 60…

    But then, never having been a person who relentlessly chases the ideal that’s put forth by society, I guess I never got the “younger is better” message. *Shrug*

    Anyway. Hippo birdies, and yay for us old ladies. ;)

  2. Aoife Says:


  3. otto Says:

    In theory, this is on dreamhost now.

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