The afternoon lull

Or is it evening?

Every damn day, around 4 or 5ish, I get soooo incredibly sleepy. Nodding off constantly. It’s a friggin pain. I’ve been trying out what seems to trigger it. Usually it’s a bit after I get home, so that I’ve had time to eat and relax. Caffeine, or lack thereof seems to have nothing to do with it. Temperature, either warm or cool seems to have no real effect. Brightness of the room, noise levels, sleep the night before… nothing really seems to be the culprit. Maybe I just need a late afternoon nap.

Kinda annoying tho.

I’ve also been waking up at like 6, too. Which, again, is annoying. It’s too early, there’s not really anything to do, and certainly nothing I need to do at that hour. I can’t bring myself to climb out of bed, so it ends up feeling like wasted time. Why can’t I sleep till like 730 or something and not need a nap at 5?


like 8 days left…

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