Missing Comments (sigh)

And more annoyances abound.

I have no comments for any posts after the 5th (of March). Apparently, the flakeout that made all sorts of other problems earlier in the weekend, also killed any comments I had. I remember a few, and just so the poster(s) knows, I didn’t delete them, they just up and disappeared because I have a shitty-assed hosting provider. –Soon to be EX-hosting provider….

2 Responses to “Missing Comments (sigh)”

  1. Harry Says:

    Did you get this one.? Hope all is well in your part of the world.

  2. Aoife Says:

    Anything before 3/5 and after 3/27 is intact. I have no idea where the inbetween stuff might be, prolly totally gone.
    However, I basically just hate my hosting provider.

    Everything else, on the other hand, is heading along smoothly.

    Hope all is super duper with you. :-)

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