Selling Soap is Illegal

I’m really not sure what to think of this one:


CARY, NC – Ivory soap has landed one drug suspect in hot water. The Town of Cary Police Department is asking for your help in apprehending Stephen Curtis Hoyle, 18, of 1302 Castalia Drive in Cary, who sold 2.3 ounces of Ivory soap to police officers for $1,500 during a drug operation.

“Although the suspect used a counterfeit substance as part of the operation, it is a crime to market a substance as cocaine in North Carolina,” said Captain Dave Wulff.

The suspect is wanted for one count of sale and delivery of a counterfeit controlled substance and one count of possession with intent to sale and delivery of a counterfeit controlled substance.

Holye was last seen on Friday, March 10, 2006 wearing blue jeans, a long white T-shirt and sneakers. He may be in eastern Cary near the Village Greenway and Mobile Estates areas.

I mean… hmmm….

So, it’s illegal to pretend to do an illegal activity? You can get charged with possession of counterfeit bad things?
Does it carry as stiff a slap as having the real thing?

I guess I see the point, I suppose…
But… I mean, if you can sell parsley for the price of weed, why not?
I just… I fail to really care. I mean, unless this person has a normal habit of distributing “bad things” and such…

You know, if this shit were legalized and taxed, then you’d have quality control, and then you’d have issues with someone selling counterfeit goods. As it stands now, I mostly just see it as someone caught selling soap. Oh no!

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