Now I know

…That our hosting provider cannot be trusted to keep the site up, nor keep my shit on backups, nor get things running again in a timely manner if shit does happen.

So, off to back up my stuff on my own, I guess. Should have been doing that from the beginning, but when we upgraded to pay for backups and such, I figured it was ok. While all might be well and good now, I really have no trust in these ijits.

Funny how service gets worse once you start paying for more.
Funny how there’s some guarantee about how you’ll get credit if the site is down for more than a certain amount of time, and although the site has, upon any number of occasions, been down well over that threshold, we’ve not ever gotten that credit.
Funny how most of the time that shit is fucked up the people are impossible to get ahold of.
Funny how they’re extremely inattentive when you need them and the site will be down for hours before they notice, but have a process that you’re paying attention to take up a smidge of cpu or whatever and they’ll kill it right away as a “runaway,” and, if you’re lucky, still be unavailable to help you get things back in order after they squashed it.

I’m really developing an extreme hatred for my hosting provider. In my eyes, they totally fucking suck ass, and aren’t worth the money we spend here.

Certainly, by the time I need to have a site up and running for work purposes, I’m ditching their fucking sorry asses for somewhere that can be somewhat depended on.

Fucking twerps.

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