Habits, Priorities, Actions. Pt3

And this brings us to the original point.

What do my habits say about my priorities?

How I spend my days:
-I go to classes
-I usually eat (not always super well, but ok)
-I sleep
-I play video games
-I watch tv
-I surf on the interweb, being sure to check boingboing, dilbertblog, friends’ blogs, etc
-Play with Mousie
These things are done nearly every day, without fail. That is not necessarily a good thing.

Things I do most days, or on planned days, etc:
-Yoga, this has become a weekly habit for me
-Update podcasts
-Some other kind of workout at least once a week, often cardio

This is not getting me where I want to be. You’ll notice no real time for homework, art, chores, cooking, etc.

What I’d list my priorities as if people didn’t know what a slacker I was:
-A’s in school
-Get website up and running
-Get portfolio in order
-Body recomposition
-Clean house and well kept yard
-Happily fed husband
-5 healthy clean meals a day to achieve 4th item on list
-Work out 5 days a week, again to achieve item #4 on list

-Get household and financials and such in order, organized, and all that suches
-Achieve fitness goals not weight/bf% related
-Other myriad of tasks not terribly worth listing out, but generally falling under the category of being organized and getting my act together.

Clearly, I need to actually get what I want and what I do in line.

(in no particular order…)
#1: A’s in school
This requires a few parts. Setting aside time every night for study and homework, keeping better track of what is due when, and planning out each project individually such that it gets the attention it deserves. I should be spending probably 2 hours a day, not counting class time or drive time or any shit like that, for school study. This includes planning projects, work on projects, reading, homework, etc.

What I’m doing to accomplish this:
I have projects now in Omni Outliner with a kGTD document. This helps me get a handle on what my contexts and next actions are, and helps me plan out something more step-by-step, allowing me to not be overwhelmed by a huge project, and allowing me to be able to take 5 or 15 minutes to do what my next action is, or at least work on it some.
I have come up with a study calendar for iCal, in which I’ve basically scheduled a total of 2 hours (in 1/2 or 1 hour stints, usually) daily for whatever needs to be done in the category of “study.” Reading, writing, research, painting, next actions, practice… all fall into this time.

#2: Body recomposition
This is the bullshit that’s been haunting me for years now. I’ve tried things and mainly spent a lot of time complaining about how it sucks that I’m not as great as I want to be. I need to eat better, keep some sort of semblance of track of calories, work out regularly, and get my intensity back up where it belongs.

What I’m doing to accomplish this:
I have a weekly yoga class I now attend. I have found my lifting workouts. I play soccer. I am scheduling 2 days a week for lifting, one upper one lower, and three days a week of cardio. The lifts have their own intensity and I can manage that. Cardio will actually be cardio, and not simply “activity.” Moderate intensity or better, for a decent length of time (based on intensity) will define cardio. I will also do daily things to generally up my “activity” in normal life (aka time spent not working out and not sitting on my ass). Included in “activity” category are games such as DDR or Kinetic, walk during my lunch break on campus, walk in the evening or at the park, play with mousie (the run around the house playing chase kind of play), or yard work.
Basically, I need to schedule at least 30 minutes a day for something, every day. Even rest days should have “activity.”

I also need to deal with the food side of things. I need to make menus of meals that are a certain caloric level, and basically stick to them for my meals. No candy. More veggies. Cook food in advance. I’m working on the menus. I haven’t gotten much together yet, but I do know that a sammich is 240 calories and 0.5oz of chips is 60 (baked lays). This is a 300 calorie meal, which is about where I need to be for most meals. In order to force myself to get other meals planned out, I’m only eating that and whatever else I add in a plan for.

I also need to go back to things that I know worked. No drinking. Weigh myself daily. Bodyfat tests on a regular basis. Things that will let me see progress and slippage. Things that will force me to realize that it ain’t the clothes that are changing size…

#3: Get Portfolio in order
This one is more a long term thing, but it begins somewhere. I’ve gotten pics of nearly everything I’ve done so far worth documenting. There needs to be more organization of works, and much more in the way of creation. This includes all media, digital and physical. It also includes finding pieces for DeviantArt and my site. This requires in general working more on my art.

What I’m doing to accomplish this:
Scheduling at least 3 hours a week for my art. Drawing, sketching, doodling, painting, sculpting, planning, or art on computer all count. Depending on what I’m doing in class, a current art project for class could be counted here. This can be broken up or all at once, indoor or out, and maybe even photography can count… depending. Basically I need three hours (at least) a week to seriously concentrate on just creating art or working on improving my skills. Jotting down ideas or planning out projects normally wouldn’t count, unless there is an immediate project I’d be working on afterward I’m planning for. “Idea time” is going to have to be elsewhere.

#4: Get organized/get things in order/other myriad things
This is the last main priority I have. It’s sort of an overreaching, overriding kind of thing. It’s what will get the bills paid on time (I frequently forget dates and crap), the house kept up, the yard looking less like ass, my chores done, the groceries bought, the food cooked, and all the little things taken care of. This is really the hard part for me, because I’ll probably feel over-regimented and annoyed, but the free-flowing do-what-I-want Aoife isn’t actually getting things she wants done, so…. shrug

What I’m doing to accomplish this:
I have started getting normal household blocks of time set into iCal. I’ve gotten due dates in. I’ve gotten certain tasks, chores, and projects into kinkless, so that I can actually know what my next step is. I’m working on overcoming my aversion to dealing with some tasks, because they need to be dealt with and that is that. I’m also going to set up a private (or privater) journal to keep things that really have no business being read by anyone other than me, but that I need to get off of my chest and out of my head to move on. Block off time just to goof off, but ensure that goof-off time is more a reward for doing something else than a procrastination tool (like it currently is). By the end of the weekend I will have finished this. Then comes the test of how long I can keep something up, given that I have the attention span of a gnat on crack.

kGTD or kinkless
Omni Outliner
…in case someone is interested.

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