I’m seeing things in an odd way
Colours are bright, and detail is obscured
If I painted this room it would be quite different
Perhaps unrecognizable

If I walk along and see what is not there
Is it imagination?
Or insanity?

Where is a line really?
Between objects
Between colours

Are there lines at all?

If I see a flower and it is not
Am I here or somewhere else?
Can I be in two places at once?
In mind, at least

If the green is not green but a different green
Would you know the difference?
Would I?
Would you see the green that is not green?
Would you know it is not green?

The tree is not brown

If by seeing you cannot
And by seeing you know
And knowing you cannot see
What do you know?

Brightness reveals much
But obscures much also
And in dimness we can see more
If we dare to look

A sea of blue and grey
Floating on a bed of shiny non-white
Bobbing heads of many colours

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