A short break

I’ve got a lot I want to get done today, and hopefully for a change I’ll get it all done. Most of it is around the house, so that’s good. A few things I have to go out for, which is usually a nice change and great for when I need a break. I’m going to try and not slack today, since it’s friday, and basically the last day I have to do things on my vacation. I rarely get much done on the weekend… I need to take that into account.

On the bright side, the stuff I’ve gotten done this week … it’s a pretty decent sized list. I scratched a bunch of things off. A lot of this stuff can carry into the weekend, because it’s household stuff… but things that require business and such to be open must get done today.

But I’m feeling sooooooooo unmotivated to do anything requiring moving around too much.

oh well.

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