“Morning” cardio

So, for time’s sake, I went with a slightly modified interval setup.
Get to a specific heartrate, rest to a specific heart rate, repeat.

Target: 160bpm. Why? Because the original target of 170 proved difficult whilst wearing socks… couldn’t make the elliptical go any faster because I was slipping.

It took 3 minutes to get the heart up to 160. From a base of 70 (what my heartrate is while I idly walk around and junk).
Then a rest interval of doing nothing. Took 2 minutes to get heartrate back down to 110.
1 minute to get heartrate back up to 160
1.5 min to get heartrate down to 120
50 seconds to get heartrate to 160.

Then I was spent.
It ended up being nearly a 9 minute workout, but I’m definitely feeling it. But I have enough energy still to get crap done. And I’m not sitting bored on an elliptical for 30 minutes.

Yoga tonite.

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