The mind wanders

Not to say that I’m not getting some stuff done, because I am…
But sometimes, I wish I were a whirlwind of activity, getting everything done I can, moving and scratching crap offa my todo list at lightning speeds.

I have no idea.

High energy is for when I’m with other people, when I’m out, when I’m working out.
Around home I’m usually far more mellow and chill.
Sometimes, that doesn’t feel like that’s how it’s supposed to be.
I don’t know why…

My teeth are severely bothering me. I’ll call a dentist… maybe tomorrow… but I don’t think I’ll be able to get anything done about it till May. The way Sandy was talking about her wisdom teeth ordeal, it seems like I’ll need a week of complete nothingness in order to be happily doped up till the pain is gone.
Unfortunately, Sandy didn’t have the problem I’m having. Firstly, she has a bigger mouth, and secondly, her teeth didn’t come all the way in (sideways, I might add, which is OODLES of fun) when she got them ripped out.

I hate dentists.
Have I mentioned that?
Because, I really do. Nothing good ever happens at a dentist’s office. Nothing.
I didn’t like doctors much (I still don’t, really), but I’d rather deal with doctors daily than a dentist once.

I’m over my whole… my teeth suck and I never want to smile - thing… that was when I was younger and everyone else had braces (because they had money) to fix their teeth and I didn’t. Now, I honestly don’t give a rat’s ass. However, by and large, I do like having teeth, and would really rather them not all be in shit condition (which most of them are) and falling out. So, I’ve gone from hating the way my teeth look to hating the way my teeth are. It’s the pain that gets me now. I’d be so much happier if they were just not causing me pain.


I have gotten some things done today, and the day is certainly not over. I need to work out tonite, and I need to work on some homework. My hip feels better, which is nice. But my mouth is killing me, and that’s starting to make me a bit cranky.

I have to pop a load of dishes in.
I left the dryer set on low and didn’t realize it, so I waited 80ish minutes for stuff to dry that had no chance in hell of drying.
I have to get some real groceries and cook for the rest of the week.
I need more paint… green to be exact, and I might get me some orange too, since the $3 is worth not having to mix my own a few times while I do my paint swatches.
I want to get another load in the washer.

That’s all that’s on the plate for tonite, besides some homework… which is only reading.

Mousie is curled up on the other chair… where she’s been the whole time I’m in the living room. She’s been following me keeping me company all day. (And by “keeping me company” I mean making sure to trip me at every turn.) So cute.

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