Steady state curse

There is a problem, as I see it, with the whole long, slow, steady state cardio for “maximal fatburning” and crap like that. No, I don’t disagree with the idea of it, I do understand what’s going on, just as I understand what’s going on at higher heartrates, during intervals, and other such things.

But, I have a serious problem with 60ish minutes of steady state cardio on a machine. It hurts me. Too long on the treadmill kills my shins, even if the shoes are good. And if it’s not the shins (say I’m not running), it’s the hipflexors. On the recumbent bike, it’s definitely the hip flexors. And, apparently, on the elliptical it’s my hips. My hip is now killing me, because I spent an hour on an elliptical at the gym last night. Not sure I can do soccer tonite, whether I want to or not aside. It also may keep me from hopping on the elliptical for my morning cardio, which I was planning on for every morning this week (being the no class thing).

So, my solution is gonna have to be 30 minute stints and changing machines. Which sucks, if you ask me. Because then I can’t just zone out, and I’m gonna only be able to do short cardio at home.

I suppose, since it’s also easier to get my heartrate up at home… it’s not too bad. But I dislike being limited.
Which reminds me… I need to start shoulder rehab again. pout

Another problem I seem to have at the gym on the machines is a distinctly tough time getting my heart rate up. It falls quite easily, and keeping it in range usually means cranking up the resistance to the point of being even more of a bother, or going too fast to keep up for long periods of time. I’m not talking high heartrates, either. Last night I had the thing set to keep me at a rate of 135 in order to have it not let me slip to below 120. And it was still tough to do, apparently.
I think I was just wining that I’m in too good shape cardiovascularly speaking. I’m pretty sure there’s a rule against that somewhere… hmmm….

On the bright side, I found my leg day workout… after it being lost for a bit. So now I can go do leg day.
…or… I could… if my hip didn’t hurt….

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