Today’s thoughts

You know… it’s hard to take anything seriously when you’re wearing a dress.

I’m just saying, it’s tough to be terribly… serious about anything. I mean, a polkadot dress with matching converse allstar hightops — a smashing outfit — makes things a little less important and serious in the world. That’s all.
Now I understand about the whole thing with women’s rights. We didn’t care till we started wearing pants. Then, our heads were no longer filled with dandelion fluff, and we realized the world sucked for women.


It also, apparently, forces all cars nearby to drive much slower than necessary. Which is a pain when you want them to get out of your way. shrug

Flickr won’t seem to upload my pics. Wonder why.
And, I’m thinking that either last*fm just didn’t update a song for an odd reason… or they censor. The cynic in me believes they censor. I listened to “Beneath the Skin”, “Bitch”, and “Digital Bath”. And “Bitch” isn’t there.
hmmm…. interesting. So, they’re all about you sharing what you listen to… unless you listen to something they object to.
Very uncool.

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