Much better

A decent night’s sleep last night has made most of the achyness go away, and I feel much better. Also fairly awake and with it. Now, my goal for today… no candy. We’ll see how that goes… grin

It’s supposed to be gorgeous out. I might even wear a dress or a skirt or something. Weird, huh?
Today- 74. Tomorrow- 73. 77, 79, 79, 73…. Please say it’s so. I really want a beautiful spring break. Maybe I won’t wait till summer to get some sidewalk chalk and start my art around town project.

I’m trying to remember to grab the camera today, because there are a few awesome shots I could get on my way to/from school. Some old, run down, interesting buildings on old/ex farmland around. They’re building so much new stuff… but that’s not the interesting stuff… know what I mean? A 2006 house is a 2006 house, they’re all the same in a way. Some old decrepit barn on the other hand…

I have to get my “morning” cardio in. So I should prolly do that. hmmm….

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