Alex, I’ll take other random shit on the internet I did today for 200…


Why? Oh, hell… I donno… but this kind of shit can’t suck as hard as myspace does, so at least it’s worth giving it a shot.
I had planned on getting a few pics onto flickr, but I forgot and right now I can’t.

Oddness abounds.

My back and neck have been bothering me lately. Tight and achy and …… restricted. I thought it had been because of the lack of sleep sunday night, but now I’m not so sure. hmm…

I plan on working on my site, and perhaps even getting it to be really done, instead of a bunch of images like it currently is. I can’t tell how it looks on something else, tho I can try that tomorrow (if I can remember to, right quick) at school… there’s an open lab next to my drama class, so maybe if I can remember I can see… But I still also have no idea how at this moment it is speed-wise for a viewer. I’m on broadband, and I’m not sure what the school has, but it’s prolly something similar or nearing T1 level. Course, I can’t really see anyone I’m really trying to eventually reach using dial-up… so I suppose I don’t have too much to worry about. Sure, family might not be able to see, but at this point in time, noone in my family knows about anything other than my gallery. (Which, considering the shit I put in here, is prolly a good thing…)

I’m gonna go do something to put myself in a better mood. What I was gonna do is not possible now, so… shrug
A drink would be sweet.

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