Gloom makes me sleepy

I stayed up late last night, till about 4, working on a paper that was due today. It wasn’t due, but I handed it in anyway. This instructor is seriously starting to get on my nerves with the pushing back of dates and shit. But ah well.

Anywho, so not a lot of sleep. Woke up 8:45, had issues trying to get to sleep, so really prolly only like 4-4.5 hours sleep. Gloomy day out. Rainy and gloomy, made it hard to get up.

I’m pretty much falling asleep here. I keep trying to not be, I ate something other than sugary crap and I got some caffeine, but all to no avail. sigh I don’t want to go to sleep because it’ll just fuck me for tonite, so I’m seriously fighting and I think I’m losing. Maybe a little nap.

I’m also achy, you know, like from when you’re body hasn’t actually gotten to rest really. I’m so very glad there is no soccer tonite.

So, this is kinda funny, because I’m not like in a bad mood or anything, I’m just tired, and I’m very mellow.

I skipped my first 2 classes because…

Ok, I head out this morning a little late but still reasonably ok considering my first class is a 2 hour studio class, so me being even 30 minutes late (I wasn’t running that late) is still a reason to go. But, I needed gas. So, I stop at the gas station a number of miles from home, about 1/3 of the way there. I am very low. I could make it to school, likely, but I would need gas on my way home. So, I get it on the way and waste a couple minutes to ensure I don’t wind up without gas on the side of a county road in the rain where I can’t get cell reception.
I get there.
No wallet.
So, I can’t go to class, because I can’t make it all the way there, all the way home, and then back out to the station before I run out of gas. So, I go home. Since by the time I’d have gotten home and run back out to get gas and get there I’d have only have about 45 minutes left of class, I didn’t bother and sat at home working on my paper some more. I also, then, skipped math, since I’d be completely finished with the paper and satisfied with it if I had till 1ish to work on it, instead of 11ish.

Well, it did let me finish my paper, I don’t think it was 100% but at least it was a passing grade (I think), even with the 15 points off for being after the “normal” deadline. (Her due dates are very… odd and confusing. I won’t try to explain it. Suffice it to say there were three, bonus points, even steven, and points off. I didn’t have it finished for the first 2.)

Now, this evening I am free to paint some, do dishes and clean up, chill, and plot to ensure I stop doing this stupid procrastination shit.

At least I got some groceries.

I have to say tho, all in all… it’s not a bad day. It’s just that it’s not much of a good day either. Kinda meh. I miss warm weather. I’m always chipperer in the sunshine and warmness.

Must move around to not fall asleep.

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