Censorship Sucks

Boing Boing to net-censors: Get bent!
Frankly, this is fucking bullshit. And so, as per this suggestion, I present to you Art.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m down with kids not seeing pr0n. When I have kids, I might even have a clean mouth. But seriously, broad strokes from retarded companies NOT you is not the answer. If a parent can’t be bothered to actually monitor a child’s internet usage, it’s pretty much a done deal that the kid is gonna see some questionable material. You just cannot convince me that a 500-year-old statue of a naked man in a non-sexual pose is something a child should be saved from.

Whatever the fuck happened to people taking responsibility for their actions? For raising their own children?

We’re a fucking country of weenies. Sure, it was a good thing for someone to step in and say you can’t beat your fucking kids to death. Sure, it was a good thing to say children shouldn’t be working 10 hour shifts in coal mines and textile mills. But come the fuck on.

And, I won’t bother with the UAE and China… because that sort of shit always seems to eventually work itself out in rather spectacularly bloody ways.

I’m just saying… stop letting someone else dictate what you and yours should watch/buy/read/look at. Be an adult and take responsibility for yourself.

Course… I’m fairly sure anyone reading this doesn’t really have a problem with the occasional Venus de Milo or such. So I guess this is a fairly fluffy post, except for the whole posting of NUDIE pics. ;-)

…And remember…

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