No voice

I hope Carl’s house is still standing… That fire back there seriously had it in for the house, I think. The smoke pretty much killed my voice, I’m a wisperer today… it’s certainly annoying. But the party was fun, and in typical Aoife fashion I got drunk quick and sobered up just as quickly. It’s not that the drunkness time was short, it’s that I only take about 30 minutes to sober up.

Was definitely fun, we cut out when the poorboys were being made, it was kinda churning my stomach, Otto was starting to stuff back up, and we were hungry (and me not eating meat and Otto not liking crap like mayo and mustard meant the poorboys were out).

Pics here:
Mardi Gras

Only one stick, and I never remember to turn down the size for the pics, so we can only fit 50ish on a stick. The movie is here. There was only one. One is probably enough. It’s not as cool as the millivanilli movie from Hallowe’en, but then, few things in life can prolly top that. Didn’t have much space, or I woulda gotten a “nice” movie of Jamie “singing” Bust a Move…. It was…. Well… Jamie… you’re a sweet girl, but stick to karaoke that isn’t rap… :-P

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