Manic Friday

It’s beautiful out, if a smidge chill. The weather is just really silly and unpredictable. 57 at the moment, and we had hail at the beginning of the week.

Funny: Today’s DilbertBlog

I finished and handed in the math project today. Out of the 4 of us, I’m the only one who did it all. Everyone else did do work, and I certainly don’t mind that I’m the only one who finished it, but if I didn’t, I would have been screwed. Hence, why I did it. One was sick, one got a lot done including most of the write-up but couldn’t get it all because the stupid programs and addins we have to use suck, and one had no real idea what was going on, tho he had done a decent amount of stuff in excel. So, we all get whatever grade I got on it. I used the other person’s (who did the write-up partway) charts and graphs, because they turned out better than mine, giving a more normal curve.

I have to head out in a bit and run some errands, and considering the weather, I certainly don’t mind. I could use some caffeine as well.

The puns when fishing in Animal Crossing are atrociously bad. I mean reeeely bad.
Here, catch a few, and groan with me:

It seriously can hurt the head after a while. Because, they don’t really get any better….

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