100 miles an hour

Something is up with my odometer. I hadn’t noticed till the other night, when the 1-2 mile trip from the gas station (where I reset the trip meter thingie) to the grocery store registered as about 5.5 miles. The thing is going about 0.1 miles a second, mayhap a bit faster. That would make a mile in 10 seconds, and 6 miles in a minute, and 360 miles an hour. Damn… I’m going so fast my speedometer can’t register it. It tends to say I’m going 45mph. I guess time really does slow down as you get closer to the speed of light… because everyone around me is driving sooo sloooowwww….

I think it’s probably because of the accident. I hadn’t noticed before, but I had noticed that every time I went to get gas the trip meter thingie was abnormally high, and I was positive I’d reset it the last time. At best my car gets about 280 miles in a tank, it’s not as efficient as it used to be, for a 10 gallon tank. It was showing something like 800+. Now I know why. So, apparently, in addition to the fact my car got nearly totaled, it’s now got a fucked up odometer and that’s prolly not a good thing. Good thing I really don’t intend on selling the thing… but now I’m not sure if it’s worth fixing. I suppose I should at least find out what the problem is… maybe it’s a $5 fix. (plus the 800 million dollars an hour labor, of course.)

I need to get an inspection. It’s nearly 3 months past due, and after 4 I get fined. Unfortunately, it will prolly cost much to get it passed, I’m guessing. The alignment is whack, I have a foglight that the freekin casing on has broken off (light works fine tho) and who knows what the fuck else wrong with this thing… those are just remnants left after the ditch incident. I doubt I could get them covered by insurance, and I didn’t get them fixed at the time since it was gonna put me over the line and I was afraid the insurance people would say to total it. It’s a crap car now, but it’s all I have, and nothing new is coming down the pipe any time soon.

I wish this headache would go away.


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