All day.
This morning wasn’t the best.
I stayed up late last night to finish my math homework that was due today, that’s actually due tomorrow.
I skipped english.
I’m just not feeling well.

Otto’s been sick, but it’s not that. Though I do hope he gets better, because it sucks when he’s sick, it’s not as fun… It’s not like he’s gotten me sick. I’m just feeling run down, and achy, and blah. A bit of a meditation has helped some. I’ll prolly go cardio tonite, and that should help some more. I don’t know about yoga. Forgot about it, and it’s in half an hour, and I think I need to eat. It is prolly the cause of my headache issues. So… :-( Dammit.

I’ll cardio tho. Maybe just some time on the bike (since the ellipticals all seem to be on the fritz after the onslaught of the resolution crowd) while playing sims or something.

I got an 82 on my statistics test monday. I just seriously had brain issues. I simply wasn’t getting what was being asked in some of the questions. Totally a lack of brain function this week. I think… ugh. Stupid mistakes… I’ve got to stop doing this shit to myself. Bleah.

I’m hoping that by leaving certain things behind, it won’t be such a drain on me. By no longer hanging out with people who completely lack any motivation and are constantly seeming to look to others to give it to them, I’m hoping to keep from feeling leached off of all the fucking time.

I’ve had a nice little epiphany, as things that used to seem unrelated or related differently are suddenly… I see clearer what’s been going on, and I’m putting a stop to it. I’ve been thinking for the past couple years that every time I start doing one thing I stop doing another, but really it’s been the other way around. By stopping wasting my energy in one arena, I’ve had the energy to actually eat well and work out regularly. So, I’m cutting off the energy sapping, and moving forward to less destructive ground. I knew, long ago that I it was a bad idea to go somewhere, but I did anyway, in the name of fun. Oh well, time perhaps could have been better spent in some ways, but I’ve certainly not regretted making friends, and will keep them.

I’m tired. I need rest. Spring break is mid March. But, I honestly think the weekend will be enough. I’ll get work done, I’ll sleep well, I’ll get my ass in gear and move forward. That should pull me away from this blah.

Just please do yourselves a favour. If you don’t like me, don’t waste your time on me. Because that is energy much better spent elsewhere. The “train wreck” reaction we tend to sometimes have toward people we’d really rather not deal with is retarded and self-destructive. I rarely put energy into people I don’t like, and then only when necessary. If I’ve given out help or advice or opinion to someone, it’s because I felt there was either a certain amount of value to it, and it was no skin off my nose, or you were someone I respected/liked enough to give a little to. I don’t waste my time on assholes I don’t like, you shouldn’t either.

I’ll prolly miss a few people here and there, because senses of humor were a major draw for me, but I’ll get over it.

Off to remove a few links and play video games.
I got rotisserie chicken from whole foods, hope it don’t suck, Otto.

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