I found myself
All wired up
On things I don’t really care about
It makes no sense
What I’m going through
I lay on my back taking shit from you
Why do I have to put up with this ?

I’ve just got the song stuck in my head. It feels a bit appropriate, I like the song, it kicks ass…
And I’m totally not gonna bother about what I was gonna post earlier.
Because I don’t care.
We all know full well that what I have to say about certain things doesn’t matter. And if it happens to be taken the wrong way and twisted about, all the better.

The one thing I don’t get…
What the fuck keeps making me try?
Why the hell do I keep bothering?

Is there just some little part of me that actually thinks it matters? Or is there a part that prefers banging my head against a brick wall?

You know what totally sucks about being a cynical bitch?

That you’re always proven right.

And what’s worse…

You keep hoping to get proven wrong.

I know… I know…
Shut the fuck up and be the happy fun girl who don’t give a fuck about nothin… just make some crude fart noises and sex jokes and everything will be all better and back to normal. Because monkeys are awesome and life is more fun when you’re sailing on the deep blue sea… oh the life of a pirate for me…

I look back and this makes no sense to anyone I’m sure. So no freekin comments about how I belong in a looney bin. I’m a little scattered, it might be the cookies for breakfast. They were tasty, in milk. I think I might go get some more, because mini cookies are super yummier than the bigger ones because they’re mini. So you can have more, but it’s less.

I had to re-get paint. I can’t find my violet anywhere. No idea where it went, it’s just not around. And, it’s the colour that I’m using for my most recent painting, so…

I don’t like acrylics. They dry too fast, and buildup kind of unevenly. They’re a pain in the ass to mix in large quantities because they’ll dry out before you can use them, but they don’t allow for needing to remix again and again and again…. I mean, of course you can remix again, but if you need a lot in a big area, it becomes a huge problem keeping consistent colour.

I got new sharpies. 3. They were newish colours that I didn’t have before. I’m kinda a sharpie addict. They have retractable ones now, did you know that? So now I have an olive colour, an eggplant, and something else I don’t even remember which is kinda sad.

Animal Crossing is a fun game.
We got a gamecube over the weekend, and it was one of the games we got. We also got Mario Strikers (soccer) and that game rocks well…

I think I have a headache.

My class was cancelled. Drama. The only class I have on tuesdays. And, of course I didn’t know that till I made the fucking trip out there…

See? Now I feel all better. I’ve brushed the cruft away, gotten it off my chest, and now I feel better.

I guess I can see how one might think I’m an angry rampaging bitch if you only knew me through here. I don’t blog much when I’m happy, in a good mood, busy, or content. I blog when I’m annoyed, irritated, bored, or feeling kinda weirdly flakey… like today. I’ve already given up blogging under the influence of restricted substances… that produces horrific results.

Speaking of being under the influence… Saturday is the Mardi-Gras party… and I’m deathly afraid (for my car’s sake) of the fountain. It is, however, good to know that I only need to drinks for a decent buzz, so that I can get that out of the way early and have plenty of time to sober up for the drive home. Otto, if sunday you see me with beads, remember that they came from you… k? (stop calling me a bitch. hobo.)

I have painting to do, games to play, and toesies to get warm.


Seriously, dude. Zeromancer kicks ass, you should definitely give a listen.

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  1. kitmouse Says:

    I like monkeys! I want a monkey…

  2. Aoife Says:

    I know! Monkeys are AWESOME!

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